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MGT/311 – Final Exam Study Guide

1.  Vera’s job in publishing requires her to seek out new writers. She has chosen a bunch of talented writers, but none of them seem to get chosen for publishing. She thinks this has something to do with conflicts in management. How would you describe Vera’s job attitude?


Low job satisfaction. High job involvement


Explanation: Vera obviously works very hard at her job, but she gets very little satisfaction because her writers never get published.



2.  Julia is a receptionist at a stockbroker’s office. Her boss just came in and chewed her out for no apparent reason. Julia freaks out and slams her iPad in the garbage. What is the cause of Julia’s reaction?




Explanation: Julia was upset by her boss’s actions and let her emotions cause her to do something out of the ordinary. 


3.  Erin is a customer service rep a social media software company. A customer calls and chews her out because the software is down. She needs to leave her desk to cool down. Why is her anger an emotion and NOT a mood?


It has contextual stimulus.

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