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LAW/421 Final Exam Study Guide



1) Which legal process does not require a hearing officer’s decision?




Explanation: Mediation seeks to find a mutual agreement between the disputed parties. No judge is necessary.



2) Describe jurisprudence:


The study of the science and philosophy of law


Explanation: Jurisprudence is a core concept that studies society’s viewpoint of legal issues and legal theory.


 3) The state of California is requiring all commercial trucks to get special windshield wipers installed at a price of $1,000 a pop. It’s supposed to increase safety, but this has not been fully proven. Trucks will have to go around the state to avoid the law. Is this law valid or invalid?


The law is invalid. It appears to be an intrastate law, but the statute have major implications on interstate commerce.


Explanation: Interstate commerce is a federal affair and thus makes this law invalid.



4) Where does the power of preemption come from?


Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution


Explanation: Supremacy puts federal more law above state law, aka Preemption. 



5) Name a major issue with international courts?


It’s difficult to enforce rulings on sovereign nations


Explanation: Sovereign nations have no good reason to follow rulings set in international courts.  


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