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BUS 475 100 Questions with ANSWERS 4 Set
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1) The cost principle requires that when assets are acquired, they be recorded at __________.

A.   list price

B.   selling price

C.   exchange price paid

D.   appraisal value


2) "Generally accepted" in the phrase generally accepted accounting principles means that the principles __________.

A.   have been approved for use by the managements of business firms

B.   have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service

C.   have substantial authoritative support

D.   are proven theories of accounting


3) The standards and rules that are recognized as a general guide for financial reporting are called __________.

A.   standards of financial reporting

B.   operating guidelines

C.   generally accepted accounting principles

D.   generally accepted accounting standards


4) Sam's Used Cars uses the specific identification method of costing inventory. During March, Sam purchased three cars for $6,000, $7,500, and $9,750, respectively. During March, two cars are sold for $9,000 each. Sam determines that at March 31, the $9,750 car is still on hand. What is Sam’s gross profit for March?

A.   $8,250

B.   $750

C.   $4,500

D.   $5,250


5) Hess, Inc. sells a single product with a contribution margin of $12 per unit and fixed costs of $74,400 and sales for the current year of $100,000. How much is Hess’s break even point?

A.   2,133 units

B.   6,200 units

C.   $25,600

D.   4,600 units

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