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Ashford SOC 120 Week 1 Quiz
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1. Question : Ethics is the study of
Student Answer: propositional knowledge.

right and wrong.



2. Question : One studies ethics because
Student Answer: it provides insight into moral problems.

It solves all moral problems.

It causes migraine headaches.

 It makes one more popular.
3. Question : A philosophical argument should involve
Student Answer: yelling.

Hurt feelings.

Evidence or reasons.

4. Question : Philosophers suggest arguments should be won by
Student Answer: the best argument.

a coin flip.

The person who feels most strongly about the issue.

5. Question : Different ethical theories
Student Answer: can never offer useful information.

Must always contradict each other.

Can agree that certain acts are morally justified.

 Always agree that certain acts are morally justified.
6. Question : Deontology argues that correct moral rules are
Student Answer: confusing.



Based on emotions.
7. Question : An ethical egoist argues that you should do something if
Student Answer: it makes everyone better off.

It makes you better off.

It conforms to God’s laws.

It is illegal.
8. Question : Emotivism regards an act as moral for a person if that person
Student Answer: approves of the act.

 disapproves of the act.

argues that it is justified by a rule.

argues that it supported by moral facts.
9. Question : “Bivalence” refers to the idea that all sentences are
Student Answer: true or false



10. Question : The philosopher most closely identified with virtue ethics is
Student Answer: Immanuel Kant.







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