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Taxable Income Calculation
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(Preferably you use the CRA forms to answer the question. CRA web site: Calculate theFederal tax payable for the year 2010 for Mrs. Smith, given the following information:


Employment income: $108,000

Actual dividends: $8,000 (these are “other than eligible” dividends)

Employee CPP contribution: $ 910

EI premium: $720

Registered Pension Plan Contribution: $7,400

Union dues: $600

RRSP contribution: $8,300

Prize from winning the lottery: $14,400

Life Insurance benefit payment received: $42,000

Interest income: $21,000

Tuition fees: $4,320 (was in school full time from January to April during the year)

Charitable donations: $4,890

Federal income tax deducted: $31,900

(Assume no more CPP contribution is required.)



Go to the CRA web site: to find the Tax Guide, forms, personal tax brackets and marginal tax rates for 2010.

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