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HIEU 201 Chapter 10 quiz Liberty University answers complete solutions| A+ work
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HIEU 201 Chapter 10 quiz Liberty University answers complete so

1. The three-field system


2.By the thirteenth century, Italian towns


3. Medieval guilds

4. William the Conqueror created


5. King John's costly war with ______ led to the Magna Carta


6. Representative institutions grew out of


7. The reform movement in the church in the tenth and eleventh centuries


8. The Investiture Controversy centered on the right to


9. The church addressed the perceived threat of heresy through


10. The Cathari were a


11. The authority and prestige of the papacy reached its height under Innocent III, partly because he


12. Which of the following barred the Jews from public office and required them to wear a distinguishing badge on their clothing?


13. Europe experienced a revival of trade and commerce by the eleventh century that stemmed in part from


14. In medieval towns


15. A primary difference between political developments in England and in France was that


16 The Holy Roman Empire was a weak and divided state because


17. which of the following was NOT one of the seven sacraments of the medieval church?


18. which of the following contributed to anti-Jewish feeling during the Middle Ages?


19. The Crusades can be described as all of the following EXCEPT


20. The Franciscans and the Dominicans were

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