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Complete the Campus Planning Project. You will identify a content area to
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Complete the Campus Planning Project. You will identify a content area to assess and create a curriculum plan for improvement based on the needs assessment. The school to be analyzed is Travis Middle School-Irving ISD . You can use any of the documents on this site and any other public information provided by the school. This school was selected at random and all information access is a matter of public record.



For this task, review documentation provided for the school to be analyzed in which you:


A.  Identify the subject area most in need.   

1.  Create an analysis of your findings by including data for your subject area.

2.  Create a minimum of one curricular goal for the area you identify as most in need.

a.  Create a minimum of three curricular objectives to assist in meeting the curricular goal.

3.  Create a minimum of one instructional goal for the area you identify as most in need.

      a. Create a minimum of three instructional objectives to assist you in meeting the instructional goal.



B.  Create one lesson or unit with a complete lesson plan addressing one of the instructional objectives in which you include assessment, evaluation, and creation of new strategies for increased student achievement.  



C.  Provide a comprehensive reflection on this project by synthesizing what you learned about the theoretical dimensions of curriculum and curriculum development to personalize and sustain student learning.

      1. Analyze how building leadership capacity of school staff and technology are important for student learning.  

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