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select a municipality in the U.S. and research/obtain the following information on the city, town, or village of your choice.

1. The first entry is an overview of the revenues and expenditures of the local government you choose. It should include a description of all major sources from which the government obtains its revenue, the contribution of different sources to government finance, major spending categories, a description of their budget cycle (annual, biennial etc.) and its approval process.

2. The second entry is a detailed description of major industries in or around the municipality and any economic development programs initiated by the government in recent years. It should present how the programs are designed and implemented.

3. The final entry should analyze the impact of the major economic development programs, and the responding behavior by businesses, consumers, and other relevant parties. You also need to discuss the strength and weakness of the programs with some specific recommendations for the government to achieve better outcome.

The paper must be no less than 1000 words in length submission must include at least two (2) graphic images i.e. chart, table that you create ON YOUR OWN!


The following sources are helpful in finishing your assignments for this assignment:

Government Finance Officers Association (

International City/County Management Association (

National Conference of State Legislators (

National Governor’s Association (

National League of Cities ( )

National Tax Association (

U.S. Census of Governments (

U.S. Conference of Mayors ( )

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