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Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants versus marketing reflects
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I need answers for some Marketing Management questions. Each question should be answered with around 170 – 200 words. It can be written simple but with consistency. 


1. Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

Take a position: Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants versus marketing reflects the needs and wants consumers.


2. What good is a mission Statement?

Take a position: Missing statements are critical to a successful marketing organization versus Mission statements rarely provides useful marketing value.


3. Online versus Offline Privacy. (Firms practice relationship marketing and develop customer databases, privacy issues are emerging as an important topic).

Take a position: Privacy is a bigger issue online than offline versus Privacy is no different online than offline


4. Is target marketing ever bad.

Take a position: Targeting minorities is exploitive versus targeting minorities is a sound business practice.


5. How different is Business-to-Business Marketing?

Take a position: Business-to-Business marketing requires a special, unique set of marketing concepts and principles versus Business-to-Business marketing is really not that different, and basic marketing concepts and principles apply.


6. Is mass marketing dead?

Take a position: Mass marketing is dead versus Mass marketing is still a viable way to build a profitable brand.


7. With products, is it form or function?

Take a position: Product functionality is the key to brand success versus Product design is the key to brand success.


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