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“What steps should management take to increase the motivation of their employees to
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BA 361 –W2 Human resources Management

Unit VII Short Answer questions and Answers


“What steps should management take to increase the motivation of their employees to

operate safely?”


One of the main steps management can take is to create a culture of safety in the

work place. A culture of safety can only exist whenever one participates in

working to improve the health and safety conditions of the environment they work

in. Managers should deliberate steps to set goals for meeting safety guidelines and

standards. Managers may come up with regularly schedule safety meetings, and

educational training on safety measures. Here in my own organization we also

give safety rewards, such as if we go 90 days without a safety related incident we

receive a golden safety streamer and the entire unit is given one day off to be in

conjunction with a weekend. All levels of management should encourage

employees to abide by all safety regulations and make them responsible for

correcting unsafe acts on the spot. Everyone is a safety officer.


“Discuss why documentation is so important to the disciplinary process. What constitutes

correct documentation?”


Documentation is important because when a manger fails to record the

misconduct of employees, it can undermine a company’s effort to deal with the

situations of misconduct. The records of misconduct obtain from a manager can

be used in administrative proceedings and courts of law if need be in some cases.


Correct documentation constitutes a combination of eight items such as: date,

time , location of incident; what the issue was at the time; the consequence of the

actions taken on the employees overall work performance/ work unit; prior

discussion with employee about the issue; the discipline actions to be taken and

the improvements that are expected; consequence for failing to make

improvements in certain time frame; employees reaction to attempts to change

his/her behavior and finally the names of witnesses to the incident.


“Contrast the arguments concerning union membership that are likely to be presented by

a union with those likely to be presented by an employer.”


An employer is more likely to oppose unionization. They stress the favorable

employer to employee relationship they have experienced in the past without


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BA 361 –W2 Human resources Management

Unit VII Short Answer questions and Answers

union interference. The union always wants to build it ranks stronger therefore

constantly recruiting on the basis of we are stronger in numbers, and we can affect

change when needed. Employers also highlight any unfavorable aspects of

unionism such as protest or strikes, payment of union dues and assessments and

published abuses of member’s legal rights. The union of course highlights these

events as needed to affect the fair and balance change assumed needed in the

organization. Union will also argue that wages and benefits are higher in union

organizations compared to nonunion organizations. Finally Unions can restrict the

freedom of management to formulate HR policy unilaterally. These are some of

the arguments that arise with unions and employers.


“Describe the steps in the tradition organization drive. What “nontraditional” organizing

tactics are unions using to increase their membership ranks?”


The organization drive steps are first employee union contact. This is when

employees meet with union officials about the possibilities of joining the union.

The next step is attending an initial union meeting to address the needs of the

employee and explain how the union can be of great value in getting those needs

met. The third step is to form an in house organization committee. The committee

role is to interest other employees in joining the union and in support of its

campaign. This step also includes having employees sign an authorization card

which indicates their willingness to be represented by a labor union in collective

bargaining with the employers. The fourth step is election petition and voting

preparation. This is when a sufficient number of employees support the union

drive and the organizer seeks a government sponsored election. The final step is

the union wins the election. This is the step where contract negotiations begin.


Some nontraditional steps are political involvement, unions have become very

selective in their support of public officials. Neutrality agreements, which are a

binding commitment from the employer to remain neutral during the organization

drive. Organizer training which are training personnel to be full time organizers.

Corporate campaigns are the enlistment of political or community groups to

boycott the products or services of an organization. Finally they are using


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