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Why is the HR department playing a more significant role in organizational
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Discussion Answers


Tanya Pettey

Chapter 1 Human Resource Management

Discussion Questions and Answers

Mr. Eric Johnson





Discussion Answers


Chapter 1 Discussion Questions


Why is the HR department playing a more significant role in organizational strategic

planning processes today than it did 20 years ago?

The HR department of the 1960s was considered little more than a recordkeeping unit that

handled paperwork, dealt with blue-collar employees, and handed out tenure pins. Today, the HR

department plays a vital role in the organization’s strategic planning process. This trend is driven

primarily by increasing pressure from the global marketplace and from stockholders, both of

which push for ever-higher levels of productivity and profitability. This pressure is compounded

by skyrocketing recruitment and benefit costs, an aging workforce, an increasing number of

health and safety regulations, and an increasingly litigious society. Plus, HRM activities are now

tied to the bottom line, where it is considered a “profit center” rather than a “cost center.”


Why is it correct to conclude that


managers are involved in the human resource

management function and implementing HRM activities and programs?

Although HR managers are responsible for formulating and distributing information on HRM

activities, programs, and solutions, it is the front-line managers and supervisors who must

implement and enforce these policies on a daily, face-to-face basis with the employees. Without

managerial participation and support, there will likely be major human resource issues that will

prevent the organization from attaining both individual and organizational goals.


How has increased globalization influenced the way HRM is practiced in the United


First, HR practitioners now have the ability to review the best-in-class HRM practices of other

countries to see if they can be applied successfully to U.S. organizations. Second, all HR issues,


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