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IT hiring managers reported that project management certifications did not affect
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Ch 1-3 Questions and Answer: Project Management

PRG 101 Solutions Concepts


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15 Jul 2017




Ch. 1-3 Questions and Answers


Ch. 1 Introduction to Project Management


B. 25%


C. lower cost of capital


C. project


D. projects have


C. meeting communications goals


A. project management


A. Strategic, tactical


B. program


D. IT hiring managers reported that project management certifications did not affect

starting pay


B. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Discussion questions # 1-7


Why is there a new renewed interest in the field of project management?

The renewed interest in project management is due to the advancement in IT and how

much money is dedicated to this field. Though it is not only IT that uses project management

it is the focus of this book.


What is a project, and what are its main attributes? How is a project different from what

most people do in their day-to-day jobs? What is the triple constraint? What other

factors affect a project?

A project is a temporary endeavor to create a unique product. Attributes of projects are

unique purpose, its temporary, developed using progressive elaboration, resources from many

areas, must have a focus on a customer or sponsor and lastly a project must have a level of

uncertainty. The difference between a project and usual duties in a day to day job, is that in a

day to day job you will probably do things that will never end. You will more than likely

continue to do these tasks every day, week or year. Whereas with a project you will mostly

just do it for a specific amount of time. A triple constraint is limitations put on a project such

as its scope, time and cost. Sometimes the constraint is called the quadruple constraint



Ch. 1-3 Questions and Answers


because there are times where quality can be a key component in a project. There is another

constraint to think about, resources can sometimes play a key part in how a project goes and

may cause one to think of trade-offs.


What is project management? Briefly describe the project management framework,

providing examples of stakeholders, knowledge areas, tools and techniques, and project

success factors.

Project management is the application of knowledge skills, tools, techniques, to project

needs to meet the project requirements. Stakeholders are the people who are affected by a

project. Project management knowledge areas are the key competences that a project

manager must develop. Project management and tool are things that help the project manager

and their team to carry out the project in all 10 knowledge areas. Project success is how a

project is determined to be success or failure, many factors are used to establish this, did the

project meet the scope time and cost goals, did the project satisfy the customer and or

sponsor and did it meet the primary objective.


What is a program? What is a project portfolio? Discussion the relationship between

projects programs, and portfolio management and the contributions that each makes to

enterprise success.

A program is a group of related projects coordinated to achieve a set of goals not possible

by completing these projects individually.


What is the role of the project manager? What are suggested skills for all project

managers and for IT project managers? Why is leadership so important for project

managers? How is the job market for IT project managers?


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