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The role of Catriona Noble as the CEO of McDonald's Australia is to be the leader for
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MGMT1001 s2 2013 – ‘Spot Collection’

Bring to tutorials week beginning 5 August

Topic 1: What is Management?

Textbook question: answer Question 2 in the ‘Discussion Questions’ for the Case study

Managing McDonald’s Australia

on page 36.

The role of Catriona Noble as the CEO of McDonald's Australia is to be the leader for

the ongoing development of McDonald's business plan, marketing, responsible for

supply chain, decision making and managing. She needs to be responsible, hard

working, focused, keep learning from mistakes, and willing to make improvements in

managing the Australian operations of McDonald's. The role of a first assistant

manager at a McDonald's restaurant is different, as a manager director has a bigger

responsibility of the company. They are responsible for making decisions and set up

the goals and plans that affect the company. While first assistant manager role is to

manage the work of the employees who are directly involved with the production or

creation of the organization's products.

Write 200 words summarising Cunliffe’s argument.

Management is a collective noun used to refer to a group of people engaged in

organizing and controlling a business, it is a requirement and outcome of any

work organization. Management and managers are important in this today's

society because they have an impact on everyone's lives. There are different

ways management has been constructed over the years and management has

developed as a topic of study and practice over the last century. Managerial

work is characterized by rationality and neutrality and analytical and scientific

management techniques should be used to resolve problems and increase

efficiency. Manager’s identities are precarious, they themselves fid it difficult to

define their identity. There are many point of views of managers, some of them

are managers as rational agents, managers as actors, as discursive

subjectivities, as practical authors, and as reflexive practitioners. These offer a

different way of thinking of what managers are and what they should do and

also the different of management performance. And all those theories are very

important for deciding the management of an organization

What are the key issues in the case study “Challenge The Boss or Stand Down?”(max. 200


Tom has to deal with his new boss Frank who has strictly aggressive growth

goals, which is 15% sales increase next year. In a meeting, Tom argued that it

is impossible to achieve such an increment without offering any unique

advantages to customers. He keeps disagree with hiss boss and sticks out with

his point of view. So Frank told Shannon, the division vice president who

actually offered Tom the job, about Tom's bad performance and he has a

possibility to lose his position due to the negative feedback. So now Shannon

told him to write her some ideas about how he can improves his performance

and Tom thinks that he has two options. First, he follows what Frank wants and

executes the strategy that he believes flawed. Or second, he exposes his boss’

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“flawed” projects to Shannon, his original sponsor, and hopes that she also

agreed and would rescue him.

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