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Australia are interpersonal and Informational roles. Interpersonal as she interacts
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MGMT1001 s1 2012 – ‘Spot Collection’

Topic 2: What is Management?

Textbook question: answer Question 4 in the ‘Discussion Questions’ for the Case study

Managing McDonald’s Australia

on page 36

(max. 200 words)

The management roles Catriona Noble plays when:

a) she is having weekly conferences with her management team at McDonald's

Australia are interpersonal and Informational roles. Interpersonal as she interacts with

her team members and as a leader of the team, hold the conference. Informational role

as she picks up information that is related to McDonald's Australia and associate to the

management team.

b)assessing the feasibility of adding a new range of premium Angus burgers to the

McDonald's menu will be decisional role as the decisions are directly linked to the

business's operation.

c)keeping employees focused on the company's commitments to its customers are

interpersonal and informational roles. Motivating employees involve leadership and

communicating with workers therefore it is interpersonal. It is also informational as

Catriona is communicating the company's values and commitments with the staff which

is counted as disseminating information.

Write a 200 word (max.) summary of argument from Cunliffe (2009).

Cunliffe argues management is not a simple concept to be summarised in just a few

words. It is closely linked to Managerialism and are hugely influenced by the

behaviours of managers. Management could be briefly described as a group of people

engaged in, organising and controlling a business. Managerialism is the rise of

management power on the society in the 20th century. Managers were given rights to

make decision in order to maximise profits through lowering cost and lifting efficiency.

Sets of management theories arose across centuries, affected by its own context.

Examples are Classical Scientific management theory and Human-oriented

management theories. However there is no confined framework for the management of

each business to follow.

To understand the complexities of Management, Scholars usually conduct Critical

Management Studies but most of the time they could not give a fair judgement as they

are not free from biased points of views. Representations constructed the nature or

management. Every person's reception of the scene differs as they are from particular


While Cunliffe also argues Managers are not only the decision making in an

organisation, but also serve their jobs as rational agents, actors, story-tellers, discursive

subjectives, practical authors and reflexive practitioners.

What are the key issues in the case study “Challenge The Boss or Stand Down?” (max. 200


The first issue in the case study is the inertia of Frank facing changes. As a middle-

layer manager, it is clear that Frank have power over Tom, at which his authority

proven him a more 'rational' judgement. Political conventions are always a part of the

workplace. Managers are storytellers, as seen when Frank sent an email to Shannon to

complain about Tom's attitude at the meeting. Tom, however, fails to perform his task

set by his boss, which is the third issue. Tom holds pride against his boss which he


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struggles to receive simple commands as such. While when he is not completing his

job, other people in his team would have to do extra work to make sure the project is on


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