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As a CEO of McDonald’s Australia, Catriona Nobel’s role is as a leading person
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MGMT1001 s1 2013 – ‘Spot Collection’

Bring to tutorials week beginning 18 March 2013

Topic 2: What is Management?

Textbook question: answer Question 2 in the ‘Discussion Questions’ for the Case study

Managing McDonald’s Australia

on page 36


As a CEO of McDonald’s Australia, Catriona Nobel’s role is as a leading person who has to

be responsible for marketing, public affairs, operations, supply chains, the Pacific Islands,

business planning and continuously developing and integrating the business plan of

McDonald’s in Australia. Referring to four functions of management, there are a few

activities which are needed to undertake in managing the operation of Australian

McDonald’s by her. Firstly, she needs to set a specific goal which to be achieved in the

future by McDonald’s and strategies for succeeding the goal. Then plan developing is

important in order to coordinate and integrate activities. Secondly, she has to design the

process and relevant systems to help achieve the goal of organisation, for example, she has

to decide what work is to be done and who is to finish it. Thirdly, Catriona is the main leader

of achieving the goal in the organisation. Therefore, she has to be familiar with each step of

plan and involve in the team work. Besides, she may need to encourage people and

stimulate their passion of working which may lead to a positive work attitude. Finally,

controlling is the final management function that Catriona has to perform. She has to ensure

that work is completed as planned and compare the actual performance with the set goal. If

there is any problem which happened, it is her job to take it to the right way. The difference

of roles between a first assistant manager at a McDonald’s restaurant and a CEO of

McDonald’s Australia is that, she takes more responsibilities of being a CEO than a first

assistant manager. For example, the first assistant manager does not need to do too much

business planning of the organisation as a CEO does. The manager’s job is more towards to

leading the team work.

Write 200 words summarising Cunliffe’s argument.

Cunliffe examines the ways of thinking about management by general and the different ways

of thinking about managers’ roles. C


argues that there is a clear distinction between

the theories of management and the actual practice

which management is performative and

different from other groups of people in linguistic and symbolic and he also illustrates

management and management identities cannot be defined in concrete terms

. Management

identities should not be confined to the rigidities of established historical theories. The

various critical analyses which purport a particular style of management only serve to

constrain managerial actions and identities. Cunliffe


argues the nature of management

is dynamic and shaped through interaction. His perspective takes leave from the traditional,

which tends to offer fixed representations on the 'best' way of management.

At last, Cunliffe

discusses the roles and job of managers which includes as rational agents, actors,

storytellers, discursive subjectivities, practical authors and reflexive practitioners.

What are the key issues in the case study “Challenge The Boss or Stand Down?”(max. 200


It is an excellent case describing behavioural conflict between the boss and workers.

Expectation setting and alignment of goals are two essential things which need to be done

when starting up team collaboration. The first issue to be aware of is that Tom cannot

change his boss, the only thing that he can do is to change himself. This is important

because Frank is his boss and the issues which tom faces will crop up if he can’t find a more

effective way to manage his relationship with his boss. Besides, Tom has to build a much

deeper understanding of Frank and connect with his so that he can put his ideas forward to

Frank and be heard. Secondly, Tom should not confront his boss in the meeting, for which

he has already been late. Both shows disrespect and disregard. Challenge the boss or stand

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down as long as both superior and subordinate will have the courage to accept when they

need to stand down or on the contrary, be firm if needed.

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