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Company will be as an entity and then organize and plan to achieve the goals
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MGMT1001 s1 2013 – ‘Spot Collection’

Bring to tutorials week beginning 18 March 2013

Topic 2: What is Management?

Textbook question: answer Question 2 in the ‘Discussion Questions’ for the Case study

Managing McDonald’s Australia

on page 36.

Catriona Nobel’s role as a CEO in McDonalds Australia is to make strategies and goals for

the company in the long term. The goal will always be to make money, and to continue doing

that you have to develop and improve all the time. Her job will be to find out how the

company will be as an entity and then organize and plan to achieve the goals. She will also

need to lead people so they understand her ideas and how she wants the company to be. In

the end Nobel will have to control that people are doing what she wants them to do, and that

they are working in the right way.

A first assistant manager would do the same activities as Nobel (organize, plan, lead,

control), but they wouldn’t spend equal time on the different activities. A first time assistant

manager would use more time on leading than a CEO. This is a result of that a CEO doesn’t

work so close the employees as a first time manager, which therefore have to use more

leading skills to make employees do as they are supposed to. The time spending on

organize would also differ. This comes from that the first assistant manager has someone to

organize for him/her. For that reason the need for organizing decreases. This is the same for

planning and controlling. In big firms it is often regulations and routines made for controlling

the employees. This makes more time for the first assistant manager to lead the employees

with present and personal communication.

Write 200 words summarising Cunliffe’s argument.

Cunliffe wrote about management from the beginning, the development and the always

lasting changes in management. The point in include the very beginning of management

was to show how it has changed through time. How new thoughts, more experiments, more

studies and an opinion of leadership as more important, has changed management through

history. Cunliffe also raise issues as that reality isn’t the same as theory, and that

management is shaped after different cultural opinions and that it needs different

management in different cultures. She continues with theories about how a manager is

affected of knowledge, and that knowledge unconsciously will give you rules about what’s

wrong and right.

Managers are in theory supposed to be rational agents, doing the best for the firm. To be as

rational as possible it can be smart with techniques as do a little acting, use rhetoric and

linguistic. All this for your employees to do their best and the best for the company. I think in

the end, the main thing Cunliffe tries to say is that you will have endless with studies, ideas,

ideologies, manager methods and all other theoretical knowledge, but you will have to find

out yourself how you will use the knowledge to think critically, explore new ideas and not

lean back on other ideas.

What are the key issues in the case study “Challenge The Boss or Stand Down?”(max. 200


One key issue is if Tom should do what he thinks is best for the company or if he should do

what is best for his job. After trying to do the best for the company without getting anywhere


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the issue if is he will still fight for his believe in what’s best for the company or if he is going

to listen to Frank to save his job.

Keeping the job will make sure he earns money, look good at his CV and be a safe choice in

difficult economic times as long the firm is going well. It will also mean that Tom will have to

continue working under Frank that he doesn’t like. He will also feel he is under constant

evaluation and will always feel pressure to do what Frank feels. Is that a position he want to

be in? Is it an environment he wants to work in?

Could he afford to be without job with new condo and car?

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