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Specific strategies that they should consider improving their operational performance
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Business and Management


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Business and Management Questions and Answers

1.)Choose a particular company or organization that you are interested in, and identify three

specific strategies that they should consider improving their operational performance. In your

answer discuss the obstacles to their achieving these operational improvements, and what they

should do to overcome these barriers. (Note operational challenges – not sales and marketing)


My particular company of interest is Apple Inc. Corporation, which is an

international business entity that is involved in the manufacture of electronic

devices such as computer accessories, phones, and laptops.


The three most important strategies that be considered to improve the operational

performance of this corporation are creating affordable prices by considering the

slow economy, incorporating of other programs in the devices such as windows

and android as a strategy in the technological platform. Besides, the corporation

should establish an efficient service system with shops to cater for all the

customers in new marketplaces as an alternative competition strategy.


Several obstacles might hinder the success of the named strategy such as

incorporating of other programs into the devices might not only be expensive but

might destroy the reputation of the Apple Inc. culture. The obstacle can be tackled

by gradually incorporating the new changes so as to analyze the clients' response.

Establishment of new shops might be hindered by insecurity in some country and

a slow economy. However, the obstacle can be tackled by analyzing new markets

and testing the markets before exploring the new markets.

2.) What are the inputs and outputs of the Master scheduling process? Why is this process

important? What are three obstacles to developing an accurate Master Schedule?

What is a strategy for overcoming each of these three obstacles? (3 x 1). How does an inaccurate

master schedule potentially impact manufacturing cost?


The input and outputs of the master scheduling process include Inputs- customer

orders, forecast and beginning the inventory. Outputs-uncommitted inventory

projected inventory and master production schedule


The importance of the process are; assist in booking future deliveries, act as the

same communication tool in business, stabilize the production and make the

demand signal more efficient.


The obstacles include, inflexibility in the customers demand, poor forecast and

lack of sufficient finances


Researching on the incessant need of the customers is essential in avoiding the

inflexibility demand. Besides, thorough analysis strategy should be laid to prevent

weak forecast. Lack of sufficient finances should be tackled by working within

the fiscal budget and cutting on the unnecessary spending.


An inaccurate master schedule can potentially cause a negative impact on the

manufacturing cost by increasing the cost and lead to less profit.


Table 9.3 on p. 143 of your textbook relates to the expense of quality. Name the 4,

describe the four categories of quality and give an example of each of the four other than


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