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Explain how crowd management and risk management differ 2
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Now that you have read chapter 9 on Risk Management and Chapter 11 on Crowd Management I want you to study the attached Powerpoint presentation on Crowd Management that I created. Answer the following questions on crowd management:

  • Explain how crowd management and risk management differ
  • Name some crowd management problems that you have observed either on television or in person and explain how they were dealt with
  • How can cell phone technology (smart phones) help with crowd management, if at all?
  • In the past crowd managers have had to deal with crushes, mosh pits, alcohol, terrorism and other issues. What additional issues might a crowd management team have to deal with in the next 10 years?

Remember to use 3 references.

Students are required to make at least (3) postings per week.
One initial response to the forum board question. Initial posts must consist of at least 500 words in length.

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