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Hewlett-Packard Case Study Analysis
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Hewlett-Packard Case Study Analysis

Read Attached Case Analysis and answer below Questions:

Answer the following Questions up to 175 words 

1) Describe super trends that are driving HP to change

2) Assess which forces for change are causing HP to undertake major organizational change.

3) Recommend how Meg Whitman could use Lewin’s and Kotter’s models of change to increase the probability of achieving positive organizational change.

4) Determine how HP is following the four steps for fostering innovation.

5) What has happened with HP since this case was written?  Determine whether the implementation of these changes has been successful.  Explain what could have been done differently.


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  • Hewlett-Packard Case Study Analysis

    Hewlett-Packard Case Study Analysis Question 1 A company like HP which provides a broad range of high-tech products is facing increased gravities from other competing companies which offers specialized solution such as a company producing tablets and phones or the ones that only manufacture as well as sell laptops for example Dell or those that have a monopoly on the op

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