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Is Service marketing different from Product marketing?
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I need answers for some Marketing Management questions. Each question should be answered with around 150 – 200 words. It can be written simple but with consistency and you must take a position between 2 options for answering each question.


If you want to cite books the only book that canbe cited is Marketing Management by Kotler Keller, 14th Edition.


13.  Is Service marketing different from Product marketing?

Take a position: Product and Service marketing are fundamentally different versus Product and service marketing are highly related.                    


14.  Is the right price a fair price?

Take a position: Prices should reflect the value consumers are willing to pay versusPrices should reflect only the cost of making a product or delivering a service.


15.  Does it matter where you sell?

Some marketers feel that the image of the particular channel in which they sell their products does not matter, all that matters is that the right customer shop the.

Take a Position: Channel images do not really affect the brand images of the products they sell that much versus Channel images must be consistent with the brand image.


16.  Should National-Brand manufactures also supply Private-Label Brands?

Purina, Borden and Heinz have all admitted to supplying products sometimes lower in qualities to be used for private labels. Other Marketers, however, criticize this “if you can´t  beat them, join them” strategy.

Take a position:Manufactures should feel free to sell private labels as a source of revenue versus National manufacturers should never get involved with private labels.


17.  Has TV Advertising lost its power?

Television advertising is increasingly criticized for being too expensive and, no longer as effective as it was. Consumers tune out too many ads by zipping and zapping and that it is difficult to make a strong impression.

Take a position: TV advertising has faded in importance versus TV advertising is still the most powerful advertising medium.


18.  Should marketers test advertising?

Take a position:Ad pretesting in often an unnecessary waste of marketing dollars versus Ad pretesting provides an important diagnostic for marketers as to the likely success of an ad campaign.


19.  Are great salespeople born or made?

Take a position: The key to developing an effective sales force is selection versus The Key to developing an effective sales force is training.

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