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An Analysis of Student Essays on Youth Violence
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APA Format, please list references and use intext citation.

Article (select the link): Zimmerman et al., 2004

1. Topic Summary

Read the article: "Guns, gangs, and gossip"(Zimmerman et al., 2004). Using concepts from chapters 1-7 as the basis for your analysis, in a narrative format of 750 or more words, identify:

 (a) the research problem,

 (b) research design

, (c) data-gathering strategy,

 (d) any hypotheses, 

(e) dependent and independent variable(s), 

(f) how key dependent and independent variables were operationalized, 

(g) how qualitative data from participant observation, interviews, case studies, focus groups and other qualitative methods were coded and quantified for analysis, and 

(h) summarize the key findings and/or policy issues.

2. Topic Analysis

What are some distinctive advantages of a qualitative strategy for data gathering, such as participant observation, over more quantitative approaches? Be detailed in your response and give an example from your occupation where participant observation would be the best way to collect data on a given phenomenon, issue, or research question.

3. What are some distinct disadvantages and dangers of participant observation as a research methodology? What steps can be taken to mitigate these disadvantages? Give specific examples.

4. Executive Decision

Search the Web for information on focus groups (previous, upcoming, or ongoing) involving victims, offenders, fear of crime, crime prevention, police subculture, or another criminological topic. List the Web sites you found most useful and write a paragraph about the purpose of each focus group and the sample involved. How might these focus groups be used to influence public policy? As the Chief/Sheriff/Warden of your agency, cite an example of when you would use a focus group to address an agency issue or crime issue. Explain your rationale and what you hope to accomplish. Minimum word count is 300 words.

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  • An Analysis of Student Essays on Youth Violence

    An Analysis of Student Essays on Youth Violence 1. Topic Summary Youth violence is a vital problem on public health, instead of few researchers have considered violence from youth’s viewpoints. Intermediate school students’ essays about what leads to youth violence were studied using quantitative and qualitative methods. It was discovered that the violence among youths to be categorized into personal, peer, family and community factors. In each factor, about 11 subcategories were recognized. Distinctions among all the factors from the frequency of quotes, the independ

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