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The Persuasion Outcomes paper
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Magee, R. (2014). Persuasion: A social science approach [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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It is important to consider the different types of persuasion outcomes when marketing a new product. Imagine you are a marketer in charge of designing an advertising campaign for one of the following products: a new car, a new potato chip flavor, or a new pair of shoes. Write a 600 to 750 word paper that briefly describes the advertising campaign that you would create for the product you selected. You may use first person pronouns in this paper to explain the personal choices you would make for developing all aspects of the campaign, including the message of your campaign and the medium you will use to promote that message. In your paper, identify appropriate affective, behavioral, and cognitive outcomes and explain how your campaign could be designed to target each measurable outcome.

The Persuasion Outcomes paper

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  • The Persuasion Outcomes paper

    The Persuasion Outcomes paper Student’s name MKTG410 Instructor’s name Date submitted Advertising Campaign My decision on Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign is that a new financial product, operating leasing, would be promoted via Facebook. With this

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