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Data Warehouse Information
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Explain the technology and approach you would use to handle the needs for studying historical trends in the information you have collected, combining it with other databases if needed. What information from the database would you collect over time?

Define a star model for a data warehouse for this information. What information will you store in the fact tables? What attributes will it have? What dimension tables will you create? How will you organize the dimension tables? What physical structures (e.g., specialized indexes) will you use to make the data warehouse efficient?

Explain, at a level suitable for business management, what they will be able to find out using this, both by breaking down information according to one or more dimensions, or drilling down on individual cells.

Combine these items and submit in a 1- to 2-page APA formatted paper. The page count is only a guideline, not a hard limitation or requirement. You will be evaluated on completeness rather than the number of pages.

Be sure to include this design/diagram in your paper for this week.

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