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Even though I improved a lot throughout this quarter, I still need to grow in many aspects.
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Dear portfolio Reader,

     I've grown a lot after finished this course. At the beginning of this class I cannot write too many contents and cannot show my ideas. I will always take one hour to think and fix a short essay. Writing more contents can make the reader know more information and ideas. Time writings improved my ability to finish a short essay in 10 minutes, and make me be able to show my ideas. At the beginning, I still cannot write too many contents in my first time writing task. However, after learning I finished many time writing, I do much better in my time writing task. Today, I can write many words in a short time.

      Even though I improved a lot throughout this quarter, I still need to grow in many aspects. Especially in the grammar and organization. Grammar is very important to make the reader understand your contents. Sometimes a little grammar mistake will change the mean of the sentence. Organization is also very important because it is the key to showing your logic. I am a math master. I know logic is very important because I do math exercise every day. I know the things I already know and the unknown things. This term has an order. I never break the order.

     I feel everything is not good after I read my paper 1. There are lots of grammar errors and sentence structure problems. However, the paper 2 do not have many sentence structure problems. I think that's a little improvement. I really want to talk about the paper four because I use a lot of time to prepare it. I am thinking about the topic of paper four every day. Finally, I figure out two very good topics. Then, I try my best to write paper four and I think it's should be better than any of essay I write before.

I tried to show my best performance in my final exam. I used a lot of time to read the final exam reading.

All in all, I want to thank my teacher. She let me know the writing skills. She takes a lot of time to look my essay and my classmate's essay. I appreciate my teacher.

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