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You seem to have covered a lot of ground multiple linear regression
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hi. Rudra 

i need your help again. it has 2 question. ;)


1. You seem to have covered a lot of ground multiple linear regression.  So let's discuss some topics related to the final exam.  Please post a response to ONE of the questions below. 

5. What does a p-value represent?  Give an example.




2. Outliers (i.e. extremely high or low values) can affect the results of multiple linear regression.  So they need to be dealt with.  Let's assume that we are studying how Attendance and Hours Studied can predict a Grade a student gets on an exam.  For most of students you have gathered data about, the Attendance values fall between 5 and 8 and the Hours Studied values fall between 1 and 8.  However, information about one of the students is as follows:

    Attendance: 3    Hours studied: 5     Grade:  82

Obviously the value of Attendance is an outlier.  In this case would you delete the whole record (i.e. whole row of data) or just the value of Attendance (i.e. enter a blank value for Attendance, and leave the rest of the record the same)?  Explain.

Note:  Please do some research before answering this question.

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