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A typical post to Twitter is not considered Micro-blogging T/F Oligopoly
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Read everything before you begin. Complete each of the questions and submit as an attachment via the course Assignment folder by the due date of March 4, 2016.  Answers should be in plain, non-bolded text below the question


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True/False answers 50 Points (Estimated time 120 minutes)

Ethical Behavior is a social metric to measure your peer's success. T/F

A typical post to Twitter is not considered Micro-blogging T/F

Oligopoly is the same as a monopoly in the cyber world of business. T/F

Peer to peer (P2P)technology is illegal T/F

A/B is a technique that can be used in testing HCI T/F

Crowd funding is a way to finance a project via the Internet through mass. T/F

Widgets are what APIs produce. T/F

Case Study is a form of a qualitative descriptive research on a subject, drawing conclusions using specific context from data. T/F

API's can assist with graphical user interfaces on the web and phone apps. T/F

Emoticons and Emoji are exactly the same. T/F

Multiple Choice 5 Points (Estimated time 10 minutes)

Select best answer for Infographic.
A. Considered to be the same as an Infoposter?
B. Is a visual representation of information, data and knowledge?
C. A non abstract visual
D. None of the above

Quick Answer (use 1 or 2 Words) 15 Points (Estimated time 60 minutes)

What is a graphic that appears to be animated?

What are charts / graphics generally referred to as?

Online business is generally referred to as...

Brief Answer (100 Words per answer) - 15 Points (Estimated time 120 minutes)

What is Digital Media? Provide a real-world example.

What is participatory media? Provide a real-world example.

Name three social impacts resulting from increase of digital media.

Two Part Short Essay (250- 350 Words each answer) - 5 Points (Estimated time 120 minutes)

What is Web Technology? ---Define and provide two examples of web technology and where is has been implemented. One way should include responsive technology and how it relates to mobile digital media.

Long Essay - ( 650 to 750 Words ) - 10 Points (Estimated time 220 minutes)

Pick a recent item in the news this year about a privacy verses security concerns (Think Apple and the FBI in the news [hint]) and discuss how could this impact digital media in the future. How do you side on this concern? This will be your opinion, however you need to find references to support your arguments. 

Provide at least one reference and include citations in APA format within your answer



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