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Essays must be all in your own words- no citing or quoting other sources allowed.
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Part II: Essays

For each essay you need to answer each part of the question asked in essay form writing at the minimum one complete page for each answer (double spaced; 12 font). You will lose half points for each essay if your answer is less than a page for each question or not in essay format. Essays must be all in your own words- no citing or quoting other sources allowed.

You can answer all four question and save as one word document. You must save the document in an acceptable file format (just like the worksheets .doc; .docx; .rtf) and upload to the Final Exam Essay dropbox by Saturday midnight of week #8. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!!!


Digestion is an important process in the human body. a) Identify and describe the digestive processes. b) Consider the mouth, stomach, small intestines and large intestines - identify the digestive enzymes that are present in these organs of the digestive system and identify the substances they digest. c) Include where absorption of nutrients occur. Be specific and comprehensive. Do not provide a list but write in essay form.

In essay form a) Identify, discuss and explain at least 4 actions that can result in changes in chromosome structure. b) Explain why changes in nucleotide sequence could result in the production of different proteins. Be specific and include the impacts to the protein production process.

Sickle cell anemia is a very severe condition. a) explain the condition and the alleles of the person with the condition and why it is a serious problem; b) what type of chromosomal disorder causes the condition; c) If the mother is heterozygous for the trait and the father is homozygous dominant for the trait would their child be expected to have sickle cell anemia? Explain why or why not.

Provide answers to the following in essay form. a)Identify three different general types of fossil fuels. b) Identify and discuss environmental problems that are associated with using these fossil fuels. c) Identify 3 types of renewable energy. d)Discuss and explain why renewable energy forms are favored over non-renewable energy forms.

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