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For this assignment you will create two financial statements
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For this assignment you will create two financial statements: a balance sheet and an income statement. You will submit both of the files to the dropbox by the due date. You will find the word files in the dropbox folder. On each sheet you will find a set of numbers. Use the numbers to create an income statement and use the other set of numbers to complete a balance sheet. 
You can simply fill in the blanks and save the document or you can create a spreadsheet in Excel. Either is fine with me.
PS: The resources
Open the following link to find an interactive tutorial on financial statements. (found in the required reading folder) This tutorial is narrated and presents the topics in relationship to a real business. This tutorial covers balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. You are not responsible for cash flow statement for our final exam, so that part of this tutorial is optional. Complete all exercises, they are very helpful.
You will not turn anything in, however, material from the tutorial will be covered on the final exam.
For those of you who have difficulty opening the links in D2l, you can cut and paste the following to find the tutorial.

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