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We have learned that one function of government that benefits international
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The Final Exam will again utilize essay questions to permit students to share knowledge, understanding and application of lessons learned during the course of the semester. The format for this Final Exam will, however, differ somewhat from the mid-term.

Please answer each of the following five (5) questions. You will see that questions 1 through 3 consist of parts a., b., and c. You may choose which sub-part (a., b., or c.) about which to write for each question. Remember that each essay need not be lengthy - I am more interested in the quality of your answers and your application (the "why") for each question than in quantity or a lengthy dissertation.



  1. (Choose either a., b., or c.)

    a. We have learned that one function of government that benefits international business is stability. Given that this stability is threatened in many parts of the world by ethnic tensions and religious fundamentalism, what actions might an international corporation take to reduce the risks posed by this threat?

    b. In international contracts, one issue that must always be resolved is under whose law will the contract be entered into and what venue will be used to settle disputes. What are some options to resolve these issues in order to conclude an international contract negotiation successfully?

    c. Explain the potential impact of counterfeiting and piracy (theft of intellectual property) on businesses that engage in international commerce.



(Choose a. or b.)

a. What are the principle complications faced by researchers gathering data on foreign markets? Why is this more complicated than it would be for domestic markets, and how might these complications be overcome?

b. What are the advantages and disadvantages to standardizing ("globalizing") a marketing mix worldwide?



(Choose a., b., or c.)

a. In staffing a multinational organization that will operate outside the corporation's home country, what are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring home country personnel? What are the advantages and disadvantages of staffing with personnel from the host country?

b. As an exporter selling products to a foreign customer that will be shipped ex works in 18 months with payment terms resulting in receipt of payment 3 months later, why would you be concerned about fluctuating foreign exchange rates? What could you do to alleviate that worry?

c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the following: JIT, TQM, ISO 9000?



In the Mid-term Exam, question number one (1) asked you to prepare a one-page memo to your company president that provided advice on entering the international marketplace. Now that you have completed the International Management class, what benefits or concerns about entering the global market would you specifically highlight to the president of this medium-sized machine tool manufacturing company? (This does not need to be in memo form.) 



Scenario: You have just completed International Management and will soon have your MBA or MAM. You have decided that you desire to work in an international position after graduating but your current employer (if you are employed) has made it clear they have no desire to pursue international business. What position would you then be looking for and for what type of company? How would you go about identifying and obtaining that position? What else might you need in order to become qualified and/or succeed in that position? 



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