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A controlled experiment is the research method best suited to determining
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Introduction to Behavioral Science - Final Exam


Part 1: True/False

Indicate whether each statement below is true or false.


1. A controlled experiment is the research method best suited to determining causes of human behavior.


2. Much of the psychological information found in contemporary media is not well researched and reliable.


3. Neurogenesis, the production of new brain cells, continues throughout the life span.


4. Hormones affect bodily functions but have little effect on visible behavior. 


5. Classical conditioning is a form of learning that occurs only in animals.


6. Positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment to strengthen a desired behavior. 


7. The most effective way to remember information in the long term is to mentally repeat it.


8. The best way to approach problem solving is with functional fixedness.


9. Factors such as living environment and nutrition can have a substantial effect on IQ.


10. When you freely choose to do something because you enjoy it, your motivation is said to be extrinsic.


11. In western cultures, men are more likely than women to have difficulty expressing their emotions.


12. Freud would consider a person’s early childhood experiences to be an important determinant of their adult personality.


13. Carl Rogers proposed the existence of a collective unconscious.


14. People often conform to the actions or values of others even without any direct pressure to do so.


15.  People who watch a lot of television violence can develop an attitude of fear and distrust even if they have never experienced violence themselves.


16. Psychological disorders can be easily defined according to how far one’s behavior deviates from normal.


17. People who talk about or threaten suicide are rarely the ones who actually attempt it.


18. Antidepressant medication is the only effective form of treatment for depression.


19. Regardless of the type of therapy provided, the working relationship between a therapist and client is one of the most important factors that determine whether therapy will be successful.


20. There is little that an individual can do for him or herself to alleviate psychological distress without the help of a licensed professional.  




Part 2: Essay

Respond to the following in a minimum of 350 words. Incorporate details from the text to support your answer.


An understanding basic psychological principles has many applications in daily life. Review the major topics covered in this course and describe how you could put to practical use at least TWO things that you learned about psychology. For example, consider how you can apply what you learned to help you with school or work responsibilities, relationships, or your own psychological wellbeing. Be sure to specify which information from the text you found useful and explain why.





Responses are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 in accordance with the following breakdown:


1–5 = Response expresses no to very limited comprehension of the reading

6     = Minimal comprehension; inaccurate or incomplete information

7     = Partial comprehension; terms are used but ideas are not fully expressed and well supported

8–9 = Good comprehension; terms are used correctly and concepts are accurately applied

10   = Excellent comprehension; terms are used correctly, concepts are accurately applied, rationale is fully and clearly explained using relevant details from the text

Note: Score will be reduced if the minimum word count is not met.





Points Possible


Points Earned

Part 1 score



Part 2 score




Mechanics (spelling, grammar, sentence structure)



Late Penalty




Total Score:




Coon, D., & Mitterer, J. O. (2013).Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior (13th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning

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