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1-How important was slavery to the economy of the South Discuss
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Final Exam Part II

Answer each of the following questions in paragraph form. Make sure to answer ALL parts of each question. Check your spelling and grammar, and make sure to proof read your work. Each question is worth 10 points for a total of 50 points for this portion of the unit exam.

  1. 1-How important was slavery to the economy of the South? Discuss its effects on agriculture, industry, politics, society and any other relevant aspects of the South.
  2. 2-Describe the various facets and accomplishments of the women's movement of the first half of the nineteenth century (1800’s).
  3. 3-Explain the phrase "manifest destiny." What factors were most important in drawing Americans to the West, both mentally and physically?
  4. 4-Why did the South lose the war? What were its weaknesses and disadvantages?
  5. 5-What problems did blacks in the South face after emancipation? What attempts did the government make to solve these problems?
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