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I'm having a lot of trouble doing this assignment and need some help.
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  • I'm having a lot of trouble doing this assignment and need some help. sunday will be the end of week 4 and as you can see, I'm way behind. Would anyone be able to "fix" this for me and complete the project. The professor really didn't teach us how to do the project and since I had problems with my computer for the past 2 weeks, I couldn't get a grasp of the software in time.
  • You have $100,000 to use to purchase options.  Use software like Investopedia or create your own spreadsheet and purchase options, futures, and stocks.  Manage them throughout the 8 weeks.  You can have financial options, agricultural options, etc. 
  • Week 1, you need to send in the names and quantities of options, futures, and stocks that you are going to use for this project.
  • Week 4, you will submit a midterm report to show how your portfolio is performing. Discus the performance of the individual instruments as well as the overall portfolio.
  • Week 8, you will submit your final report to how your portfolio performed for the 8 weeks. Discuss the individual instruments as well.
  • Do experiment with some of the trading strategies shown in Chapter 11.  These include bull spreads, bear spreads, box spreads, butterfly spreads, calendar spreads, straddles, strips, straps, and strangles.
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