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Please compute the following ratios for as many years
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Go to and click on "Filings" and you get a drop-down box. Click on "Company Filings Search."  In the Fast Search box (right side), type in USB to get the SEC filings for U.S. Bancorp.  Find the most recently filed 10K (interactive data) and then click on "financial statements."  From here you can open the firm's Consolidated Balance Sheet and also the firm's Consolidated Statement of Income.  Notice that you have 2 -3 years of data.  Please compute the following ratios for as many years as you can (show your numerator and denominator as well as the ratio result):

  • Return on equity
  • Return on assets
  • Net interest margin
  • Net non-interest margin
  • Earnings spread
  • Net operating margin
  • Net profit margin - Use net income/total revenue
  • Tax management efficiency ratio
  • Expense control efficiency ratio
  • Asset utilization ratio (Total revenue/total assets)
  • Equity multiplier (Total assets/total stockholders' equity).

Create a table that shows the final results of all these ratios for the past two years PLUS the ratios for Bank of America (BAC) for the most current year only.

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