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Industry description; composition (domestic versus imports; large firms
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Need a final paper for Finance. Here is the prompt. 

Each student is required to conduct a detailed analysis of a company as part of a term paper. The analysis will look at issues like:

Industry description; composition (domestic versus imports; large firms versus small firms); prospects.

Company governance; Board structure; CEO background and track record; organizational chart

Company operations; products; geographical penetration

Complete financial ratio analysis – five years and comparison with industry averages or peer firm figures

Stock market history

Bond ratings

Management’s assessment in the annual report

Your assessment of the company’s present and future prospects. Would you buy stocks in the Company and why?


Sources: Company Reports, International Directory of Company Histories; Hoover’s Handbook of American Business; S&P Industry Surveys; Service Industries USA; Darnay – Manufacturing USA (Industry Analyses, Statistics and Leading Companies); Hoover’s Handbook of American Business (Profiles of Major US Companies); Moody’s Industrial Manual.

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