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Acme Company balance sheet as of January 5, 2017 Cash-12,500--
$ 15.00

Six accounting questions, all answers have to be correct or replacement questions will have to be answered. Balance sheet questions.

  1. Acme Company balance sheet as of January 5, 2017

Cash-12,500-----------------------Accounts Payable-2,400

Accounts Receivable-3,600---------------Debt-3,700

Inventory-5,200-----------------------Other Liabilities-3,000

Property Plant&Equipment-16,700-----Total Liabilities-9,100

Other Assets-600----------------------Paid In-Capital-5,600

-----------------------------------------------Retained Earnings-23,900

-----------------------------------------------Total Equity-29,500

Total Assets-38,600---------------Total Liabilities&Equity-38,600

Update the balance sheet above to reflect the transactions below, which occur on January 6, 2017

A.Buy $15,000 worth of manufacturing supplies on credit

B.Purchase equipment for $48,000 in cash

What is the final amount in Cash?

Please specify your answer in the same units as the balance sheet.


Questions 2-6 will be uploaded with pictures of the questions.

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