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THEO 202 Study Guide 7 complete Answers | Rated A+
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THEO 202 Study Guide 7 complete Answers | Rated A+

Quiz 7 Study Guide

Towns: pp. 780–808

How will the Antichrist (world ruler) assert his domination over the world?

Note the various names used in Scripture to describe the Great Tribulation period. Note also how many of these names are found in the Old Testament and how the primary focus during this period is upon Israel.


Be able to identify the following as to their identity and sequence during the Tribulation period:

Is the False Prophet a Jew?  How do we know the answer to this question?

What are some of the names and titles for the Antichrist in Scripture?

Be familiar with the following events transpiring during the second half of the tribulation period:

Who is the False Prophet, and what is his relationship to Satan and the Antichrist?

Know the timing, sequence, significance, and general outline of the Battle of Armageddon.

How does this battle relate to the Second Coming of Christ?

Be familiar with the key events that take place at the Second Coming of Christ.

What is the difference between the rapture and the glorious appearing (Second Coming of Christ)?  Be able to make specific distinctions between the two.

What place will Israel have in the political world of the millennium?

What will be the capital city of the world during the millennium?

Be familiar with the three main “views of the kingdom” during the millennium.

Be familiar with the nature and purpose of the millennium.

Be able to distinguish between the “Judgment Seat of Christ” and the “Great White Throne Judgment.”

Be familiar with the characteristics describing the millennium.

Be familiar with the nature and contents of the Great White Throne Judgment.

How does the millennium serve to provide closure and fulfillment in relationship to the various covenants that God established with Israel?

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