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THEO 201 Study Guide 8 complete Answers | Rated A+
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THEO 201 Study Guide 8 complete Answers | Rated A+

Quiz 8 Study Guide

Towns: Chapter VIII

  • From where did demons come?
  • What percentage of the angels did Satan take with him when he left heaven?
  • In Job, who is referred to as the sons of God?
    What issue comes out of Genesis 6:1–4?
  • What C.S. Lewis book describes the efforts of a demon to hinder a person in his walk with God?
  • Can demons be responsible for physical afflictions?
  • Do demons cause mental disorders?
  • Are all mental diseases caused by demons?
  • What activity of demons is a sign of end times?
  • What is divination?
  • What is necromancy?
  • What is sorcery?
  • What is witchcraft?
  • Drawing fom his experiences in China, how many stages does Nevius use to categorize demonized people in the system he developed?
  • What are four objecctions given by the skeptics concerning demon possession?

True or False

  • Demonic power is limited both in time and extent by the permissive will of God.
  • The Bible supports the claim that the ability to case out a demon is a spiritual gift that comes from God.
  • The primary task for demons lies in the area of tempting believers to pursue a lifestyle apart from God.
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