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THEO 201 Study Guide 2 complete Answers | Rated A+ 2
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THEO 201 Study Guide 2 complete Answers | Rated A+

Quiz 2 Study Guide

Towns: Chapter II

  • According to C.S. Lewis, what are the 3 alternatives for Christ’s claim to be God?
  • What empirical evidence sets Christianity apart from other belief systems?
  • Name 2 sources that establish an early date of Scripture.
  • What is the unified theme of the Bible?
  • What are the 4 qualities of inspiration?
  • True/False: Inspiration incorporates the personality of the writer into the final product.
  • According to conceptual inspiration, what was inspired?
  • What does partial inspiration state?
  • What does limited inspiration state?
  • What are the 5 arguments for inspiration/inerrancy?
  • According to the text, what is Bibliolatry?
  • According to the text, what percent of the NT is quotation or allusion to the OT?
  • What is Textual Criticism?
  • What is Lower Criticism?
  • What is Higher Criticism?
  • What 4 criteria determine that person is a biblical prophet?
  • What are the 4 basic principles to guide the test of canonicity?
  • List 5 rules for literal interpretation of the Bible.



Rivera: Chapter 2

  • What does the author say that the idea of loving God on our own is?
  • What happened when Uzzah steadied the ark as it was being transported?
  • What does worship that is pleasing to God begin with?
  • Properly complete the following blanks: Throughout the whole of the Old Testament, is in view. Throughout the whole of the New Testament, is set before us as the one through whom we come to the Father.
  • What is the chief preoccupation of the saints in heaven?
  • The author points to A. W. Tozer as a man who offered insight into worship. What was it that Tozer taught? (p.27-28)
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