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Group Assignment (Written report):
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3. Group Assignment: Assessment criteria


Week 11






Maximum of 10 pages or 3000 Words

Group Assignment (Written report):


1. Organize yourselves into groups. Each group is to have Four or Five members.

2. Groups need to choose a topic from the list of topics provided by the lecturer and write an essay on the chosen topic. (This list is placed under additional readings on your BB) 

The list contains some micro and macro areas which would help students to understand the various topics and their relevance in the real life.

3. This group assignment’s will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

- The current research on the topic

- Analysis of the topic and the application

- Student’s showing their understanding and current debate by different governments, economists and the industry.  

4. Following are the main topics  of your research:

            -  Individual industry reforms

            - Comparative advantage

            - Market structures (Monopoly, Duopoly and Oligopoly)

            - GDP

            - Unemployment

            - Inflation

            - Fiscal Policy

            - Monetary policy

            - Carbon Tax/ETS

            - Economic growth

5. Groups need to come and talk to their lecturer by Week 7  the latest, and advise their chosen topic before they start.

 6. Following is the structure of the essay:

- Introduction   300 words

- Body 2500 words discussing and analyzing the research and the application

- Conclusion 200 words. Final comments on the topic and group’s findings (Pl see the list of topics and structure under additional readings)





The use of appropriate referencing is expected and will be assessed.

Students need to submit the hard copy of the assignment with the cover sheet signed by all the group members and also upload on BB by that time.






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