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Apply the major planning strategies within the PMBOK process
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This course focuses on the analysis of risks and development of a Risk Management Plan. Assumptions need to be made on the inputs from other project management processes including scope, time, budget, resources, quality, procurement, communication and stakeholder management into the risk management plan.

Communicate your risk assessment and proposed risk-mitigation strategies in a comprehensive Project Risk Management Plan and Risk Register. Apply the risk assessment concepts addressed in this course and listed in Chapter 11 of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

  1. Apply the major planning strategies within the PMBOK process to your selected project.
  2. Address the major planning strategies of the PMBOK project risk management processes:
    1. Plan risk management.
    2. Risk identification.
    3. Qualitative risk analysis.
    4. Quantitative risk analysis.
    5. Plan risk responses.
    6. Risk monitoring and control.
  3. Compare impact and risk analysis techniques.
  4. Assess the risks associated with the project using the selected impact and risk analysis techniques.
  5. Propose appropriate risk response strategies and performance monitoring to mitigate risks and help ensure the project's success.
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