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Selected appropriate level of review (exempt = archival; expedited = minimal risk w/ general population; full = at risk population or more than minimal risk)

     Included principal Investigator and Faculty Research Supervisor’s names and contact information

     Provided a proposed start date for the project

     Explained purpose of the study & purpose seems reasonable

   Offered a brief but detailed summary of the project, including methodology

   Proposed protocol’s time required, compensation provided and activities seem appropriate

   Described participant demographics (Anticipated sample size & if members of special groups --institutionalized, protected, age, health status, etc.)

   Indicated that deception will or will not be used in the study

    Indicated that audio or videotapes will or will not be used in the study

   Described the precautions that will be taken to insure the confidentiality, privacy or anonymity (cannot be both confidential and anonymous at the same time) of the participants

   Described procedures where confidentiality may be broken by law (e.g., child abuse, suicidal intent).           

   Described where the research will take place     

   Provided a full example of the proposed Informed Consent and Assent (Attach copies of all relevant forms) or describes alternative methods where consent is not appropriate            

   Described any possible physical, psychological, social, legal, economic or other risks to participants

   Described procedures implemented for correcting harm potentially caused by participating in the study

   Explained the potential benefits of the study (to participant and to professional audience)

   Noted any areas that may provide a conflict of interest or promote a coercive atmosphere

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