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1. Critically assess nuclear power and coal-fired power generation as part of a utility company’s power generation options. List and give a relative importance to the pros and the cons of each (500 words)2.Make a choice as to which of these two options should be added to a utility system based on a consideration of the factors you identified (including environmental) and defend that choice (100 words)3.choose one of two organisations, Yundai Forging or Motkamills, and provide reasoning for selecting the particular organisation as it relates to managing energy.

Having made your choice of organisation, write a project proposal which incorporates the topics below:

· Identify background information of why you chose the particular organisation as it relates to your understanding of managing energy sources

· Recommend an energy monitoring programme for all facilities within the selected organisation

· Evaluate the potential for benchmarking of energy conserving measures in the respective organisation that might be relevant

Provide references to similar companies within a similar geographic location

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