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Explain how financial management systems simplify and streamline
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Revenue Cycle and Financial Management Systems

Research and review revenue cycle process in scholarly literature and other peer-reviewed journal articles. Research how a financial management system can be used to automate the revenue cycle and ultimately improve the patient experience. Write a paper that addresses the following:

  • Best practices (2 pages): Identify and discuss industry best practices of financial management systems. Include a discussion on the entire revenue cycle from scheduling to payment posting and include fee schedules/chargemasters, coding, claims processing, collection follow-up, and denial management in your response. Analyze the systems used, interfaces to other systems, and incorporate EDI standards where appropriate Analysis of information technology tools (2 pages): Explain how financial management systems simplify and streamline the revenue cycle which ultimately improves the patient experience.
  • Decision support (2 pages): Discuss how the financial data is captured, tracked, and analyzed across the organization. Include a discussion on reimbursement analysis and case mix analysis in your response.


  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (current edition) style and formatting standards.
  • Minimum of 3–5 peer-reviewed resources from scholarly journal articles.
  • Length: 6–7 typed, double-spaced pages excluding the title page and reference page.
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