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Assignment three - Group - due week 12 (15%)
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Assignment three - Group - due week 12 (15%)

Form your groups with 4 learners each.

1) Identify a company in Dubai who has implemented an Excellence Framework. Approach the company and ask whether you can

2) Interview someone about their experience in implementing an Excellence Framework.

3) Develop a list of questions to be asked and undertake the interview. Write this up in a report.


4) The report should cover at least the following:

· Information about the company:

o Company name and background of the company

o Type of industry

o Number of employees

o Geographical presence

o Products and/or services

o Public or private company

o Financial results (if available)

o Organizational structure, vision, mission, strategy if available etc.

· Person(s) interviewed

o date and time

o Contact details.

· Description of the Excellence Framework they implemented.

· Difficulties they experienced in implementing the Excellence Framework.

· What areas of the Excellence Framework they:

o They do well in.

o What areas did they not do well and why?

· What they have learnt through implementing the Excellence Framework?

· How did implementing excellence framework benefit them?

· How will they do it differently if they had to do it again?

· Any other question you may think is relevant?

· Any recommendations to the company for improvement from your group's perspective.



Length of report: 10 pages.

Do a group presentation on your project at the last Face-to-Face class we have (Week 14). All group members must participate in the presentation. (15-20 min)

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