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A number of you, to include myself, have served or are serving in
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A number of you, to include myself, have served or are serving in the Armed Forces or know of someone who has served or is serving.  The United States Armed Forces, if we stop and think for a moment, is a culture which is comprised of every known culture represented in recruits drawn from the 50-states and the 4-territories which comprise the U.S.  Furthermore, it is comprised of both genders: male and female, and each of the known ethnic groups represented in the U.S.  Thus is a perfect culture to focus the discussion inquiry for this week.


This week I will ask you to explore the Armed Forces culture, if you are not familiar with this specific culture, please do a little academic research to understand it’s framework and makeup.  In the text the authors explored the terms and phrases of machismo, gender role ideology, self-concept, cultures which may reflect androgyny, and finally how a culture may undertake a change in gender roles. 

Professor Inquiry:

In your own words; however, supported by your text readings and any supplemental readings and research, I would like you to explore and explain what your thoughts are on the terms and phrases detailed above as it relates to the culture known as the U.S. Armed Forces. For example, define and describe them and examine whether or not we may see a changing culture and consequently changes in gender roles etc.

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