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Create a use-case diagram that includes all of the above use
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Think about the system that handles student admissions at your university. The primary function of the system should be able to track a student from the request for information through the admissions process until the student is either admitted to the school or rejected. 
1. Write a use-case description that can describe an Admit Student use case. Assume that applicants who are children of alumni are handled differently from other applicants. Also, assume that a generic Update Student Information use case is available for your system to use. 
2. Create a use-case diagram that includes all of the above use cases. Assume that an admissions form includes the contents of the form, SAT information, and references. Additional information is captured about children of alumni, such as their parent’s graduation year, contact information, and college major.
3. Create a class diagram for the use cases identified with questions 1 and 2. Also, be sure to include the above information. Assume that a temporary student object is used by the system to hold information about people before they send in an admission form. After the form is sent in, these people are considered students.
4. Create sequence diagrams for the scenarios of the above use cases.
5. Create a communication diagram for the scenarios of the above use cases. 
6. Create a behavioral state machine to depict a person as he or she moves through the admission process.
7. Perform a CRUDE analysis to show the interactivity of the objects in the system.

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