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Over the period of record of data shown in Figure 1, the global
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ams current ocean studies chapter 8 

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Over the period of record of data shown in Figure 1, the global mean sea level increased nearly _____in.  This is equivalent to about 225 mm.


Figure 1 indicates that from 1993 to 2014, global mean sea level values determined by coastal tide gauges and by satellite altimetry were generally ______.


In Figure 2, the blue 60-day (running-average) smoothing curve shows that in late 2010 a _____ in sea level began that persisted for several months.  By early 2012, the sea level returned to the long-term black trend line drawn on the graph.


Figure 3 demonstrates that regional sea-level trends from 1993 to 2014 ____ uniform worldwide.  While the global mean sea level increased during the time period covered (As evidenced by the dominance of warm colors on the map), the figure shows that some ocean areas experienced a lowering of sea level.


The animations reveal that the greater changes in sea level generally occur in the _____ Ocean basin.


The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) states that "Global mean sea level will continue to rise during the 21st century.  Under all RCP scenarios, the rate of sea level rise will very likely exceed that observed during 1971 to 2010 due to increased ocean warming and increased loss of mass from glaciers and ice sheets."  According to Figure 4, the rise projected by the lower GHG concentrations rCP2.6 scenario will be about 0.42 m above the year 2000 value of about 0.28 m, while for higher GHG concentration RCP8.5 scenario, the sea level rise this century will be about ____ m.


To learn more about the Netherlands Delta Project, go the The Delta Works at:

The Delta Project focused on the southwestern delta area of the country, in the densely populated regions, near the mouths of Meuse, Schelde, and ______ Rivers.  These rivers produced the largest delta in northwest Europe.

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