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Annotated bibliography of three academic sources
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For this assignment you will created an annotated bibliography of three academic sources centered around your course theme. These sources must all be from the social sciences, so be sure to use the proper research methods and tools. The annotated bibliography (AB) will focus on the social sciences, so please use APA style. When annotating sources, consider the author’s expertise on the topic, the currency of the article, use of illustrations (such as charts), and how effectively the source highlights the research theme.

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  • Social Sciences Annotated Bibliography

    Social Sciences Annotated Bibliography Social Sciences Annotated Bibliography This article gives facts regarding the impact that incarceration has on kids and families. The article explores the statistics and reality that children and families have to endure while their loved one is behind bars. It gives an in depth look at the statistical data that supports my argument of the belief that incarceration has an intense negative effect on families. The article written by the Human Toll of Jail, also explains the emotional, economic and financial effect that incarceration has on the family. The data that is presented in this article will help me tremendously with m

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