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Comparative Textual Analysis of Disciplines
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This assignment will include three articles, each from a different discipline. You will read all three articles and determine which article belongs to the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. You will then produce a two page essay wherein you discuss and compare the language, style, and format for each article.

Consider the following questions: Minus journal titles, what indicates each article’s discipline? How is the overall paper organized? What writing strategies are being used?

The MLA in PDF are attached here too

The articles attached are:            Debra Katzman Article

Elizabeth Hopton Article

                                                              Randi Epstein Article

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  • Comparative Textual Analysis

    Comparative Textual Analysis The three articles provided fit into three different categories of literary disciplines known as humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Humanities is the study of human race, or mankind as a whole. Social sciences

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