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Critical Path, Line Balancing
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Nano Tech is ready to begin production of its exciting new technology. The company is evaluating three methods of production: (A) a small production facility with older equipment, (B) a larger production facility that is more automated, and (C) subcontracting to an electronics manufacturer in Singapore. The costs of each alternative are shown below. Deter- mine for what level of demand each production process should be chosen.

Question 2:


1.      Trace the path of the medication list and denote possible failure points. Construct a process flowchart of the existing process and create a new chart of an improved process.  

1.      Was the medication error a failure of individuals or a failure of the process? Explain.  

1.      Think about the different settings: the ambulance, the emergency room, the hospital room, and the nurse’s station. How is data handled in each setting? Can the process of recording information be changed so that everyone is using the same data? How can the accuracy of the data be assured?  

1.      Given Melanie’s reaction, do you think this error will happen again? Why or why not?


Question 3:


The Henry Street Mission uses volunteers to assemble care packages for needy families during the holiday season. The mission would like to organize the work as efficiently as possible. A list of tasks, task times, and precedence requirements follows:

a. If the mission wants to complete a care package every 10 minutes, how many volunteers should be called in? Balance the line and calculate the efficiency. How many packages can be assembled in a four-hour period?

b. Suppose that volunteers are plentiful. Balance the line to maximize output. What is the efficiency of the line? How many care packages can be assembled in a four-hour period?


Question 5

Given the following network and probabilistic activity time estimates, determine the expected time and variance for each activity and indicate the critical path:

Question 6:


The following table provides the information necessary to construct a project network and project crash data:


a. Construct the project network.

b. Determine the maximum possible crash time for the network, and crash the network the maximum amount possible.

c. Compute the normal project cost and the cost of the crashed project.




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